Epic Madness

Ok, I’ll try and recap all the known starting locations for the Epic Weapons quest lines. I believe that you must be level 80 to begin these quests, although that is not confirmed in every case.

Examine Mark of the Emissary, picked up in Nektulos Forest
Talk to Kerran ghost in Sinking Sands at
(-1026, -230, -1209). This is close to the Silent City back door. The quest you
get is different depending of if you are Freeport or Qeynos aligned.
Loot “a wanted poster” from an Iksar insurgent in Jasath Wastes
Quest begins with “an incandescent wand” dropped off of
a mist goblin in Kunzar Jungle. Reports are that you should have a mist goblin charmed to do the killing, which is kind of poetic.
Ice dervish named psychomalleable ice in Temple of the
White Lady (Skyfire Mountains). Right click on this guy to get started.
Kill a 80^ mob in the NE corner of Fens of Nathsar named
Guagua, who drops a notrade item “An Old Medicine Bag”. Take this to
Crowhood the Olden on the beach nearby.
Any mob in Sebilis will drop a “Quill”, which is the starter.
Walk by “a mutilated deer” in Darklight Woods
( 191.37, -43.61, 167.14 )
Jimbo at Windstalker Village in Antonica. You must
have the Bone-Bladed Claymore in your possession. The Screaming Mace is also
needed at some point. Which has led to groups of 6 guardians camping Agony,
the starter. I just finished The Screaming Mace three days ago, so I’m having
some schadenfreude over this one.
Kill “a rillissian slaver” near the slave pens in
Fens of Nathsar for “a pens cell door key”. Use the key to open a door in
the top section of the Western Pens. Follow the hobbit.
Get the drop “Defaced Leaflet” off named fishmen in
Chelsith. Only seen in Exquisite chests so far. Yikes! Developers confirm it’s not
supposed to be this rare, expect a fix soon.
There is an NPC on the beach in Fens of Nathsar. Monks must have both The Teachings of Master Wu and The Journal of Wu in their inventory
Starts in Sebilis. Talk to Terrus (-73,-131,122). You must speak Sathirian (Strange Black Tome quest). Terris will give you the “Torn Page of Terrus Notes”. Then head to Kunzar Jungle, near the City of Mist and kill a timeworn spirit. You will get a chest which contains a “rune covered stone”. Examine the stone to start the quest.
Talk to Tohsa B’hondus at the Academy of Arcane
Sciences in Freeport. She will mention her teacher. Then talk to Qurst in
the Steelbone family crypt in the Graveyard. Then talk to the erudite he
mentions, Dartain, in Neriak (-708, 32, 233).
Jailhouse in WFP. That’s right, West Freeport, in
the Militia house, downstairs.
You can handle those Epics, can’t you, they’re only level 70!
“A Blackened Arrow” which drops from trakaraptors
in Kunzar Jungle.
At the bottom of the Academy of Arcane Sciences in
North Freeport. You must kill two mobs for a chest drop “hiring contract”.
Not in Qeynos, like the paladins. Symmetry is for suckers.
NPC in Timorous Deep, north of the docks area, on
a Pirate Ship. Open a cage on the deck and pick up Rrarwck. Summon him to start
This epic begins with an NPC named Aliona Maybelle, who is in Teren’s Grasp in a tent near the mailbox. She is sick and wants some healing. Without giving you a quest, she will ask you to gather Stonewood Jasper Blooms, which can be found to the south of Karnor’s Castle. Return to her with them, and she will give you a recipe to scribe and make with them and some other gathered materials. Finally, when you have made the poultice that the recipe describes, you will get the first quest in the series.
Talk to someone in Thundering Steppes at (53, 0, 1390).
Go to East Freeport and talk to “lyrist”s. Two of them, they talk a lot. But then,
so do you. One is on the broker island, the other on the stage. Finally, go to
Qeynos Harbor and talk to the two lyrists there. There is a book both
in the Academy of Arcane Sciences (Freeport) and in the
Tower of Three(Concordium, Qeynos) with notes floating over it. Click it.
Starter is “a shifting elemental shard” dropped by
“a shifting ethereal elemental” (80^^^) in Kunzar Jungle somewhere in the raptor
valley. It teleports around quickly, so be prepared to smack it as soon
as it shows up.
Click a dagger on
the fireplace in the Seafarer’s Roost Inn, East Freeport.
Kill trash mobs in Chelsith to loot “A Dilapidated Journal”
from a small chest. Read the journal.

It looks like these quests use all the zones, and all the items in all the game. I’m not sure what you do if you’ve destroyed, any of these items, but the Shady Swashbuckler on the Nektulos Forest docks is a good place to start.

Update: I’ve added in the starters for Mystic and Templar as they have become available. So the list is complete now. I’ll make a few observations in another post later.

Connection Time

In Live Update 42, one of the UI enhancements is a connection status window, toggleable vie the F11 key.

This is welcome, but I have to wonder why was this so long in coming? Everquest had this from the beginning, and WoW has had this from the beginning? Was this just another of the design mistakes that the original EQ2 team made? And it hasn’t been until now that someone got around to fixing it.

The EQ2 team has my admiration for the sheer volume of stuff that they are able to push out the door, and have it work reasonably well. They have definitely got their act together on that score. A window like this takes very little, if any art resources, but it does take programmer resources. Though, it doesn’t seem very complicated.

Anyway, it’s really handy to have it. Of course, we’ve all learned to get along without it. My favorite way to figure out if I’m in a lagspike is to just /say something. If it comes up in my chat window, no lagspike.

My favorite lag-o-meter was the one they had that showed recent connection history. It had a bar that was solid when you had a good ping, and open when you didn’t, and it scrolled to the right slowly. When a certain percentage of it was open, it turned yellow, and then red. When things were working well, though perhaps with little breaks, the bar was green. UI genius. Here’s hoping the new one works that well.

Update: I found this screenshot of the connection window. It looks like it will be very handy!