All I Wanted Was a Little Peace and Quiet

This piece at PC Gamer has some very good insight into the human condition, as Mr. Eames, my English teacher for 8th and 9th grade, used to say. Though I’m not sure if he’s every played Skyrim.

The air fills with the screams of the dying and the streets run crimson with the blood of the dead. As arrows whistle past me, I brutally hack through the neck of a Stormcloak soldier, and his head tumbles away like a dropped melon. My wife and companion, her sword coated with gore, sprints off to plunge her blade into the belly of a distant archer. High above, my summoned dragon wheels about in the sky, lands beside me with a crash, and spits a tremendous gout of fire onto several more city guards, setting a wooden walkway ablaze in the process. Amid the carnage, as I decapitate my next victim, a single thought rises in my head:

It didn’t have to be this way. I just wanted to build a house.

Also, it’s funny.

I too, am playing with the Hearthfire expansion of Skyrim. And I’m having fun with it, but no killing sprees yet.

It’s so easy to go on killing sprees – all that’s required is that you convince yourself that those other “people” over there aren’t people at all, just, oh, disturbances in the ether.

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