Another Reason I Like EVE Online

Last night I was talking with another member of the corp. We chatted about recent movies – he had seen Elysium, and wanted to know if I’d seen it. I hadn’t but I had seen Gravity, had he seen that?

Typhoon Haiyan Smashes the Phillipines and Brushes Malaysia

Also, he mentioned that he lived in Malaysia, and that their president had gone on TV to say that Typhoon Haiyan wasn’t a hurricane in Malaysia, though it was one in the Phillipines. He said it did get pretty nuts for a while though.

He also mentioned, to my surprise, that Christmas was sort of a thing in Malaysia, because there are so many European and American expats in retirement there. I did not know that.

In my corp are people from California, New Mexico, Texas, Utah, Kansas, England, Wales and Malaysia. And almost certainly more places than that. My prior corp was full of people from Latvia. There’s a corp full of Danes in the alliance, some of whom come on our Teamspeak to chat sometimes. There is a very strong Russian presence in the game. Oddly, there appear to be very few Japanese or Chinese or Koreans. I wonder if the intensively textual nature of the EVE UI gives them more problems, given how different the written languages are.

When we have an ice-mining corp day, it’s kind of like going fishing. You just sort of hang out in the belt, shooting the breeze. I enjoy listening to all the different voices. Last Sunday, it included a woman’s voice, which was a welcome surprise.

We had this exchange then:

Wilhelm Arcturus: Hey, we have all the Californians on this side of the belt! (This was me and him and Potshot.)

Me: Well, yeah. The sun rises later on this side of the belt. That’s as it should be.

Alex: So where are the Welshmen?

Me: Don’t we have a POS named “sheep farm” or something? [Actually, that's only what I wish I had said. I said something less funny, like "they're on the sheep farm"]

I note that hitherto, Alex had not sounded Welsh to me, just some form of British. Other corp members, though, definitely sounded Welsh to me, but my ear isn’t all that good, as you can see.

In point of fact, my corp, Black Sheep Down, has sort of a sheep theme to it. Our corp ticker is BAAW (I expect BAA was taken). This, I am told, is due to the influence of the Welshmen. Such is EVE.

Anyway, I am sure there are EVE players in the Phillipines as well, but they might not be logging in for a while. Godspeed.

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  1. Nice blog. I just approved your PI contract. I noticed your blog link under your bio and thought I’d check it out. Very nice sir! I didn’t see a spot where I could just make a general comment so I posted under the most recent post, hope that’s ok.


    Balor Darkshaw
    [BAAW] EVE-Online

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