When I logged on to EVE Online this morning, I had mail from my alliance leadership declaring today to be “D-Day”, the day we show maximum strength in our war with Tri and allies.

When I logged on, there was some confusion about where the coalition fleets were and whether it was possible to join them. So I started on a plex, only to find out that the confusion was minor. So I finished the plex and jumped to my pvp clone in ROIR. Without too much effort, I found a fleet and joined up with it in a gate camp in the J-CIJV.

The two hours I spent with this fleet were mostly uneventful, but still highly interesting. “Gate camp” isn’t really a good word for it, more like a “gate horde”.

The prize for the day were two stations in the region which were currently owned by Tri, which were coming out of reinforcement. The Northern Coalition had a reported 300 capital ships working on this: Shoot at a station enough and it changes over to your side, it seems.

However, they didn’t want any more ships on that grid, as they were worried about crashing the server. So the rest of us spread out in support fleets, trying to shut down any counter forces. Reports had 1000 NC pilots in the field, and there were screenshots of some 40 Titans attacking the station.

We got involved in one engagement that went something like this: An enemy carrier engaged friendly forces outside a station. Two friendly Titans (both Erebus) uncloaked (!) and fry said enemy carrier, while we warp in and clean up the minor crap.

After that, I had to log.

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