Dracos Argent Members Suspended

The rumor this morning is that Dracos Argent members were suspended, and will be rolled back to a point before they gained their mythical epic weapons.

The rumor is that they bypassed content by having a bugged pet go through a wall, used Call of the Tinkerer to go to it, then Call of the Hero, items, etc. to move them all to the next part of the dungeon. As described earlier.

This is clearly less serious than using an alternate client such as a speed hack. But at the same time, it’s clearly not an intended thing for pets to go through walls, maddening as it is for pets to do this.

It is unclear exactly which characters and/or accounts were affected. Can the players play non-guild alts? Were DA members who didn’t go on the raid banned, too? If it were me, I would suspend the accounts of those players involved for the week, and leave the others alone. Oh, and guild status will have to be rolled back some, too.

That leaves you with a small loot problem. Other guildies might be in possession of wealth and/or items which were obtained with the ill-gotten gain. But then, other non-guildies might too. It’s hard to draw a line.

What if they had simply put the pet through the door before it closed, and parked it there? In my book that’s not an exploit, just a clever use of resources.

Be that as it may, I still think that their accusers have a distinct lack of class. But I’m old school, 3000-year-old school.

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