Great Moments in Tradeskilling

I’ve mentioned to a few friends how tradeskill-friendly Sentinel’s Fate, EQ2′s latest expansion it. Last weekend Lobilya and I completed a major tradeskill quest arc.

Even that phrase makes you realize what a strange new territory we are in. Yes, the expansion has a major tradeskill quest arc. Just click that last link to see the scope of crafting-specific material. The final quest in it shows up as an item that is mailed to you roughly two weeks after finishing a tradeskill quest line in Quel’ule. You go back to Quel’ule and help Researcher Tahar investigate the origins of an odd looking piece of metal he found, and end up with a class-specific item that will do an evac for you, and has a few other interesting benefits.

This quest has you journeying Norrath, entering dedicated instances, and has lots of lore that concerns the Ethernauts, and other major figures of Norrath. There’s lots of lore, including some that made me exclaim out loud. “You mean that was him?”

I suspect that this lore exists in other parts of this expansion as well, but it ties together material going back to Kingdom of Sky. Great stuff, highly recommended.

Oh, and it’s very likely possible for a pure crafter to do it all, since Lobilya was well below level as an adventurer. Don’t wait to (tradeskill or adventure) level to 90 to do it, take advantage of the experience!

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