How to Make a Bad Impression on a Dumb Ogre

A step-by-step guide.

  • Ask him to join a group in Ravenscale Repository.
  • After accepting, tell him that he’s going to be tanking.
  • Have only a Fury in the group to heal him.
  • When he tells you that he doesn’t know the zone well, tell him that’s ok, but don’t tell him any strats for named mobs.
  • Go crazy with DPS so he can’t hold aggro very well.
  • Don’t log in to group voice chat, or say much in the text chat channel
  • Make it clear that you are talking in your guild channel instead.
  • Shoot at his body pulls before he engages them.
  • Send him personal tells that he should skip certain bosses, but shouldn’t tell the others that you have said so.
  • Bounce around continuously, making sure that you have a vocalization to go with the jump action, just for that extra kick.
  • Take a 10 minute break in the middle of the dungeon to “go to the store”.
  • Break group just as I pull, and then don’t respond to invites to reform the group for five minutes.
  • Leave while he’s and some others in the group still have one more kill to go for their shard mission.
  • Wear the guild tag of a high-profile raiding guild proudly.

I’m not mentioning the name of the guild because other members of that same guild have behaved well, came in to help with heals, and the paladin we got to tank the last few bosses stuck around to get the last kill needed for the shard. (I had no objection, by the way, I was really not able to hold aggro with all the defensive buffs I had up.) All these folks were courteous and responsible.

I highly suspect that alcohol or its equivalent was involved. It was a strange night.

This is what gamedevs are up against, when they try to encourage more interaction.

One thought on “How to Make a Bad Impression on a Dumb Ogre

  1. If they were the players I think they were, there was quite a few folks who were intoxicated. This is what happens when hard core raider have an off night…Alcohol was involved, lots of it. I am sorry that you got stuck in the middle of their “game”. I was aware of what they were doing, because became a drinking game over vent, how many times they tried killing each other. I will make sure to remind them tomorrow during raid time. I am in that high profile guild you don't want to mention.

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