I Came Here To Be Geeky

I’m back playing EVE Online again. The news that Gaff (formerly known to me as Skippy, sometimes called Meclin, but always El Supremo) was running the corp now in my old little corner of nullsec was too much for me, and I resubbed, fired up the client and got back to doing internet spreadsheets, er, I mean spaceships.

This happened a couple weeks ago now. I’ve been planning to post about it, to try to describe why I would want to play EVE again, since many people I know don’t get it. They hear about all the scamming and the naked predation and the general unfairness of the EVE universe and wonder “Is that even fun? Why would you do that? Why would you muss your fabulous red locks with the interstellar detritus of EVE?”

I’m not going to be able to answer that in one post. So I’m going to take several!

Armored Knight Sits at keyboard with four monitors, playing EVE Online.

Now that's some armor tanking.

The first reason, I think, is that EVE players are a lot like me. They like spreadsheets. They like computers. They like making software tools to help you play Eve better. And CCP cooperates with them, publishing a comprehensive api for web-smart tools. There is a wealth of fitting tools, of wallet tools, of trading tools and of manufacturing tools. I’ve already made my own spreadsheet that queries the api for the prices of PI materials in Jita and figures out where the manufacturing profit, if any, lies, (in the PI domain).

Life in my new corp is a lot different than my old one. For one thing, some of the people in my corp are actually online when I play! And they seem to have the same dorky sense of humor that I do, as evidenced by the photo above that corpmate Hir provided. Eve has a rhythm all its own, many of them log in to Teamspeak, but don’t always log into the game, playing some other game instead, but are available for a fleet if need be. But they still hang out on Teamspeak because, well, they like each other.

Personally, I just appreciate the fact that they speak a language I understand. And that they post stupid photos like the one above posted by corpmate Hir. It shows a very typical Eve cockpit. Multiple monitors, set up to run multiple toons at once. Everyone multiboxes in EVE, it seems. I’ve even started pushing in that direction.

Here’s another armor tanker. I think that’s a frigate, right?

That looks like a full passive armor tank, must be fit for PVP.

The Harley is a the new frigate from the Sisters of Eve, right?

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