I’m Such a Piker

In the midst of an interesting post about True Reincarnation in DDO and other MMOs, Psychochild says this:

TR aficionados tend to throw themselves into TRing. There’s a limitation where you can only TR once per week, and for some people that’s too restrictive. In other words, they work a character from level 1 to 20 in less than a week and have to wait before they can TR again.

[I'm really looking forward to playing a game with face-tracking, because I would totally insert a Toldain face with a WTF? look on it right here.]

I’m not sure I understand how you do that. I just don’t do anything too quickly, it seems. I never have. Well, when you have the lifespan of an elf, there’s no need to hurry, I guess.

Ok, instead of being jealous and resentful (too late!) let’s see if we can learn anything from people who do this.

I think that

  • Twinking is involved.
  • Characters with high dps work better.
  • They have a group to do things with, or don’t mind PUGs.
  • They are a lot better at dodging than I am to do this.
  • They possess a kind of metaphorical hammer which turns all dungeons into the same kind of nail.
  • They don’t spend a lot of time pondering “what shall I do next?” or negotiating with friends about what to do next.

Well, squeezing out the dead, unproductive time is a valuable life skill. But schmoozing with friends is priceless.

One thought on “I’m Such a Piker

  1. Yeah, I’m totally not that type of person. As I said, I’ve TRed 2 characters only after already playing for over 3 years. I prefer to go through the content at a reasonable pace.

    Twinking is kinda involved, because you can keep your equipment in a special “reincarnation cache”. So, if you’re smart, you can keep a set of gear to help you at different levels; in other words, they probably have a set of gear for level 1, and every few levels back up to 20. Obviously you’ll still have your gear you had at top level from last time as well.

    Survivability seems to be at a premium for these people. There’s a certain level of hit point snobbery, where if you don’t have the right number of hit points at your level then you don’t pass muster. I’ve also seen groups where people want “TRs only”.

    There do seem to be certain builds that work better. I remember reading a post a while ago where someone took mostly levels in Sorcerer, a few in Paladin (for saves bonuses based on Charisma), and then the rest of their levels of whatever their “target” class was. At level 20, they’d then use a +5 heart (which lets them swap Sorcerer levels over to their “target” class) and then TR when they could.it seemed like clockwork to them.

    I think there’s also conventional wisdom about what to run. People measure xp/hour, and some quests are better than others. They tend to zerg through quests quickly, ignoring optionals that take too much time. “Kobold’s New Ringleader” is one such quest that gets abused. You can see a breakdown at http://ddowiki.com/page/Experience_points (see the section called The “Art” of Gaining XP ) where they break down how to get maximum experience from running the quest repeatedly. So, yeah, there’s probably not a lot of wondering what to do next. :)

    I figure it’ll be another year or so before I bother TRing again. :)

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