John Smedley is Playing With Me

and then, one day later

Something like 2000 years ago, I taught college classes. After a serious digression once, a student asked me a question like, “Is this going to be on the midterm?” and I replied, “Oh, yes, of course, probably 20 problems of it.” And then observed a horrified silence in the classroom. I quickly reversed myself. “No, no, just kidding.” They were not amused.

And this is how I came to formulate a principal that is, in fact, broadly applicable in life:

Students do not find jokes about tests funny.

And it’s slightly lesser-known corollary:

Elves, particularly those who are more than 3000 years old, do not find jokes about hair loss funny.

Satire is hard. And risky.

Via Psychochild, who speaks only for himself on permadeath, midterm exams and hair loss. (He isn’t losing hair, it’s simply migrating.) And Everquest Next.

One thought on “John Smedley is Playing With Me

  1. Hehehehe! Jokes like that are primarily for self-amusement, and they amuse me to no end (when I’m the one making them). I love to watch people’s skin crawl, basking in the knowledge that I alone have the power to grant relief (or not) at my leisure. This is the twisted, venomous part of my self that spawned Karaya and is largely exercised through development of her personality and story. Of course, that’s not to say she doesn’t get to come out and play IRL for a few minutes every now and then >;)

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