Latest News From Baubleshire

Fissible Wockle, Director General of D.I.R.T.Y., today announced a wholly new enterprise area for the coalition: plastic clockworks. These new-fangled “plastics” are the result of advanced baking experiments, carried out by the bakers of Baubleshire, and in particular, Ms. Roselia Goldencrust, who has collaborated with D.I.R.T.Y. in the past. Also involved in the project was one of Paineel’s science contingent, Saihah Al’Lah, who connected the research with mechanisms used in Paineel’s observatories.

The initial project shown below was a clockwork mechanism meant to calculate the precise timing necessary to aim Paineel’s giant observatories, and calculate eclipses and other astronomical events for the purposes of summonings and dismissals.

(Via Phritz. Thanks!)

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