Leviathan Pwned

This is a repost of something my guildie Karaya put on the guild website. In addition to being the most awesome enchanter in the world, from whom I learned everything I know about mezzing, she’s also pretty handy with a keyboard.

The Chamber of Destiny was the scene of a massive upset last night when the reigning champions were soundly beaten on their home turf… er.. surf. MVP Milia Flibbertigibbet of the visiting Raid Force took home a fabled breastplate, while Karaya N`Daasi seemed more than satisfied just to have bragging rights. Amidst the post-raid celebration, neither could be reached for comment. However, Leviathan, captain of the Yha-Lei team, had this to say: “You know, when you get down to it, we just didn’t bring our A-game tonight. I mean, we gotta give it to these girls, I got a lot of respect for these PCs. But we got a great group of fishmen here. I been playing with these guys for a long time now – since the release of Kunark – and I think if we were more focused the raid would have gone lot different.” We asked Leviathan what the plans are for the future: “Well, after tonight I think we all know we have some work to do. We gotta keep moving forward and look at the next raid. I think we’re really gonna refocus on defense, maybe move some of the guys around, try to work on getting some more AEs off. We got a great team, I have a lot of faith.” You heard it here, we haven’t seen the last of Leviathan and team Yha-Lei. But in the meantime, congratulations to tonight’s victors, and good luck going into the semi-finals.

Update: I’ve deleted a tidbit of this post that wasn’t actually part of Karaya’s message, just my sloppiness in cutting and pasting

2 thoughts on “Leviathan Pwned

  1. lol, i think you copy/pasted one line to many. “Heroh is more than a sandwich” was the headline from when Heroh dinged the guild a while back ;)

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