Nostalgia Trip

Wow, does this ever take me back. It’s the post that got then-guide Tweety fired by Verant, and had a great deal to do with getting her hired as Community Relations Manager for Dark Age of Camelot.

For example:

By illiterate, I mean you fucking cretins who send me petitions that read “Ur gona get my coprse rezzed, plz.” What the hell am I, psychic? How did you die, where did you die, and so on is stuff I need. If you tell me in a format I can comprehend without calling over my twelve year old neighbor, I will send you a tell that says, “Hang on, let me check out your corpse. Yep, you died to that bug all right. Here’s your rezz. Good luck, friend.” Your fucking cryptic petitions mean ten minutes of agonizingly rotten typing and stupidity that have me wondering where the hell I left my universal translator. Plus, any petition I get in dewdspeak automatically biases me against you. Why? Because it’s the d00ds that are usually trying to snow me, and get something for nothing (like a free rez for a death caused by jumping off a wizard spire with 150 HP), and who feel entitled to absolutely everything.

I share this prejudice. I don’t like heavy d00dspeak, and I’m inclined to think less of someone who doesn’t bother to use grammar or spelling or punctuation. But then, I write a blog, don’t I? This post has helped me figure it out though. If someone can’t be bother with rules about spelling and grammar, they won’t be bothered about rules of social behavior either. To them, breaking the rules makes them more powerful and free, and that includes eating my lunch, rolling on the notrade Fabled that just dropped that they can’t use, and I can.

On reflection, I think I can see one more reason why game companies have got rid of heavy death penalties. It makes their customer service so much easier. Sometimes bugs do happen and people get killed for unfair reason. With a small death penalty, it’s no biggie, you just revive, maybe /bug about it, and move on.

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