One Bracelet to Rule Them All

Today’s Update renames the Earring of Thuuga to be the Bracelet of Thuuga (with the same stats), and makes it equippable in the wrist slot as well as in its current ear slot. I’m guessing they are keeping the original Bracelet of Thuuga as is, lest they be lynched by the Fury population.

I’m thrilled with this. Mages have had a tortured road with the Thuuga item. First, there seemed to be some sort of mistake in the rewards for “An Ugly Bounty”, but then a fix to the Bracelet was released on test, which I’ve written about before.

But when the fix moved from Test to live, something had changed, instead of changing the bracelet, another item was added, along with a way to get it from an NPC after selling your old Thuuga reward. This was fine, and I expect was done because Furies, in particular, and perhaps Paladins and/or Inquisitors rather liked the old bracelet.

One of the cardinal principles of games like this is “Don’t take anything away from the players.” So, they added another item, fine. But they changed the slot it went in. Ouch!!! We have lots of good items for ear slots already. Good items for wrist slots are a lot harder to come by.

And so, another update, and another item change. It’s going to be odd, with two different items with the same name. But I think I can live with it.

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