Overheard in Jita Local

Last Friday night, I managed to get in a Harpy fleet. Once in fleet, I found we were going to killmail whore on a POS shoot. In English, that means that someone else (a bunch of stealth bombers in this case) was shooting the Player Owned Station, and we were going to go shoot at it too to make it die faster so that they were exposed for a shorter period of time.

Yeah, that’s it. That’s the ticket.

The good news is that I have something on the TNT killboard, and it included one final blow. The bad news is that that was the only fleet I was able to get on.

Most of my EVE time this weekend was spent trading PI materials in highsec with alts. The new deployable modules required some P3 and P4 components for construction, and demand was through the roof.

My spreadsheet that identifies profitable P4 manufacturing stupidly used sell price instead of buy price. A huge gap developed between these with the people running buy orders being pretty stubborn for a while, but the sell orders got very heavy trade. Eventually, I figured out what was what and was able to make a few profitable trades.

The planet I use in Perimeter (one jump from Jita, where Planetary Interaction is not allowed), has seen its customs office change ownership three times already, I think.

Anyway, during all this, I saw the following discussion of bitcoins in Jita local:

Capsuleer Abel When I finish my bitcoin I’m just going to sell it.

Capsuleer Baker Yeah, you can’t make any money at it now unless you have the new ASIC (Application Specific Integrated Circult). You can get them on a USB.

Capsuleer Abel I have the USB ASIC, but the rest of my system is cheapass.

Capsuleer Charlie Yeah, bitcoin farming is just for rich people now.

Capsuleer Baker You have to spend money to make money.

I think it’s entirely fitting for this conversation to have taken place in Jita Local, which is very likely the highest concentration of scams and scammers in the known universe.

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