Fabulous Red Hair: Historical Note

I started playing Toldain in Everquest. My hair wasn’t very red there, but I did the best I could. Then came Everquest 2 and true fabulousness in the hairstyling department. At that point I thought it would be fun to play as many games as possible as Toldain, translating him from genre to genre as necessary in terms of character class and abilities, but always, always retaining the hairstyling.

I’ve played him in Vanguard, Guild Wars 2 (the game doesn’t have elves, but he’s a human who looks like an elf), World of Warcraft, and many others, including EVE Online. EVE was a problem. There are no ponytails in EVE. Still, I managed to find something that was unique and stylish, not the usual, “I’ve just been the chewtoy of a pit bull” look of EVE.

He has a lineage, though. Parts of him are inspired by a tabletop character I played years ago. An illusionist named Lurinda, I decided that she was brave, forthright, and well, vain. She bought a big wardrobe once she got some money. I bought six identical figures and painted them all differently (alas, the figures were stolen some years back). She bought a wagon to carry it all in, and two tents for adventuring – one for her to sleep in, and the other to keep the clothes in.

One night, it rained. The rest of the party didn’t have any tents.

“You should have planned ahead!” said Lurinda.

“You have an extra tent,” said the party.

“That’s not extra, my clothes are in there!” said Lurinda.

“It’s ours now!” said the party.

Lurinda made an angry, pouty face and went back to sleep. Tomorrow all of them will have to be cleaned. But that’s what Unseen Servant is for.

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