They Really Do Have More Fun, No Really

I’ve decided I’ll spend the next three million years as a blonde. I think it looks fabulous, don’t you? I will set the trend for the Wilhelm Arcturus Decade. I’d start a Facebook page, but I don’t want to look like a copycat, a silly bird.

Speaking of silly birds, maybe I’ll be able to get one as a pet, now that
CCP announced that they will be introducing mounts and pets to their popular MMO, EVE Online. I’m really looking forward to earning some of those achievements.

And it will let me stand out when I go to Psychochild’s campaign rallies. He announced today that he is running for president, on a promise to fix all the bugs. I say, we need to refocus our military spending and put a lot more enchanters into the military. I mean, come on. We all know that enchanters are a big force multiplier. Instead of fighting 1000 enemy soldiers all at once, we could kill them off one at a time! Think how much less mana our medics would have to burn! And with Clarity making our gasoline and jet fuel last longer, we’d level up our military that much faster for the endgame!

I haven’t heard from Tipa yet today, but knowing how much she loves Wizard101, she’s probably playing with her new pet.