The Face is the Most Important Part

I just finished reading the best post ever about female plate armor, a topic of long-standing interest here. It’s written by someone who makes armor. No doubt for SCA. Via the most-worthy tumblr Women Fighters in Reasonable Armor.

Here’s a taste:

Any artist working with human subject matter will tell you that the face is the most important part of the character. A headshot by itself can tell you everything you need to know about who a person is and how they feel. Sex appeal can come entirely from a beautiful face, the body doesn’t need to be naked as well.

I argue that this:

is more appealing than this:

The bare chest and boob plate add nothing to the femininity, sexiness, or appeal of the character. Focus on the face for character appeal, let the armor be a reflection of the setting and her role within it.

Well, that’s kind of hyperbole to make a point. I wouldn’t say they add nothing. But the face and the eyes, as he says, rule.

And the red hair. I’m just saying…

So, the question I’m pondering is: If it doesn’t add anything, why do we keep doing it? Is it because the artists/medium in question can’t do the former?