Tell the World

Recounting her experiences in Dream of Mirror Online (DOMO), Tipa tells us of an NPC in that game who has an unusual function:

There are some seedy NPCs in Eversun City. This old lady stopped me as I was passing and told me that just by looking at me, she could tell me my *cup size*. Because, that’s a service I really needed? “A-”, she told me. And, turns out there’s a quest I can do for a title so I can tell the world (in NA, that title is “-A-cup Abuses Alcohol”, apparently).

So yeah, I’ll be rushing right out to do that one. Strangely, I don’t see one for penis size for male characters. Maybe next patch?

The thing is, if you give guys a title that announces their penis size to the world, they will use it. Unless it says, “Gnometool Grinds Gears” or something.

There’s an experiment I’d love to run in an alternate universe. How much would people pay to have a title that announced their prodigiousness? Something like, “The Horse Shamer”. As in “Falco, the Horse Shamer”.

2 thoughts on “Tell the World

  1. Turns out it’s a quest chain. You can (apparently) improve your cup size from A- to G(!!) by doing quests. I don’t think your actual model changes to match. But it’s REALLY WEIRD.

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