The Continuing Saga

…of Blue Yeti Fur

Don’t Do It, Etchii! It’s not too late! Well, maybe it is…

Observant readers will note that I’m listed there too, in my pathetic attempt to unload my toxic assets at something approaching their real valuation rather than marking to market. It’s obvious that we are in a fear-soaked trough now, and that in the long run, the market will realize the value of these assets.

Oh, and in the long run you might be dead, but I’m a high elf, so I’ll still be alive (and looking fabulous, of course.) I’m going for 4000!

4 thoughts on “The Continuing Saga

  1. Well Mil, not all of those furs were making it to the market. Have you not seen Tolly in his chic new blue yeti fur overcoat?T. Pimpwater in the hizzy! Not to worry – all of his hos are just very realistic illusions. But don’t tell the clientele! There’s a 3000 year-old reputation on the line!

  2. FYI – I don’t deal in illusions. You see something you like, you let me know. The world is my brothel, and this madam always gets her cut ;)

  3. Oh, thanks a lot, Kara. I can’t unread that now, I’ll have you know.FYI – I never pay for it, dearie. Not with my fabulous red hair, and 3000 years of practice to back me up.The blue yeti fur coat I sold to some troll who thought that chicks would dig him as much as they dig me if only he could get that coat.

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