Thuuga Wuuga

Ok, just last night I picked up a quest called “An Ugly Bounty” in Fens of Nathsar. Looking over the quest rewards, I see that one of the items, the Bracelet of Thuuga gives +2 spell critical chance and +75 heals. And has +42 int and no bonus to wis at all. Furthermore, there’s another item, the Signet of Thuuga, which gives +75 heal amount along with +36 wis. Ok, I say, this seems wrong. Where’s my +50 or whatever to spell damage? Those other two items have pluses to combat arts. This looks like a mistake!

Well, looking over the Test Update #42 notes, I saw this:

Bracelet of Thuuga now increases Spell Damage instead of Healing

Well, there’s a very nice high dudgeon interrupted! Now the question is, should I wait until LU42 goes live to finish this quest?

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