Time is My Enemy

That’s what Kendricke says:

Time is my enemy. I recognize that the most important number on any raid is not the mitigation of my tank, the health of my target, or the damage of my raid force – it is time I have left on this raid.

This is at the beginning of an essay he calls “My Raiding Manifesto.” In some ways, I think its pretty accurate. Raidleaders and raiders in general have to be very focused to be successful. Which is why I’m not a raider. Honestly, I think it could be fun to learn to raid well with the right group of people. I’ve even dreamed of doing it myself. But I read this and I think, do I really want spend all my waking hours thinking about raiding?

I find little fault with Kendricke, although he didn’t put in one thing which I think is likely true.

All through this, I must maintain a good attitude and try to ensure that while we’re being successful, we’re also having fun.

I strongly suspect Kendricke does this. I know some other raid leaders who do it, or maybe its just such a part of them. I respect them, and I respect their raiders. I just don’t want to do it. Go read.

One thought on “Time is My Enemy

  1. This reminded me of one of my favorite recurring dialogues when I lead a shards group:Shard A: “This would probably go a lot faster if we weren't here with you, wouldn't it?”Karaya: “Yes. Yes it would.”Hehe, I chuckle to myself about that now and then. But, I wouldn't feel much like a superheroine if I did everything by myself! ;D

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