Top 10 Reasons

Here they are, the top 10 reasons I prefer Everquest II to the original Everquest.

  1. Mentoring means I can play with lower level friends and not be bored silly.
  2. Faster out-of-combat regeneration means very little downtime between fights.
  3. Tradeskilling (With bells and whistles, whee!) is actually fun!
  4. I have my own ROOM! With a cat!
  5. Some of the guards in Qeynos now salute me!
  6. I can speak gnollish! (They say silly things, too)
  7. Book quests make soloing grays fun.
  8. No 30-hour-plus camps for the Shiny Metallic Robe in Guk.
  9. A new spell every level!
  10. No bards pulling the whole zone and then training them on top of you!

There are some others, too, but that will do for now. Coming soon: top 10 improvements I’d like to see to Everquest II.

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