Top 5 Lists

Here’s my list of the 5 biggest changes in todays update, Live Update #3:

  • Tradeskill interedependence removed. Unlike what was posted on the test server, the skills for making subcomponents, which are different than the current skills, improve with practice not with leveling. so there will still be an opportunity for specialization.
  • Strength damage bonus reduced. Fighters are not the best damage dealers. As it should be.
  • Warriors, especially Brawlers, have improved mitigation. Monks are tanks, make no mistake
  • Sorceror damage dealing boosted. They will be true glass cannons.
  • Travel speed for most mounts has been reduced. There are also vendors which will buy back mounts now available
  • Here’s my top 5 favorite “little” changes:

  • Alacrity and Breeze now last 15 minutes. Enchanters all over Norrath rejoice at this one! All personal buffs are affected.
  • Pets inside residences can be named. That alley cat in my room can now get the respect he deserves.
  • Empty bags can be stored within other bags. It’s much easier to buy and sell them this way. Does this apply to strongboxes, too?
  • Guild level ups now come with a “ding” an a message. Gives the patrons a few strokes, reinforces the guild identity. Good stuff!
  • Language quest items will now drop as corpse loot. I can learn Gnollish! and Orcish! and…
  • And my top 5 most intriguing changes:

  • City sabotage quests available. I don’t know anything about these, but I have GOT to check this one out.
  • Solo versions of instanced zones available in Thundering Steppes, Enchanted Lands, Orcish Wastes. One’s called a Pirate’s Hidden Stash, need I say more?
  • New level 50 raids Someday I’ll be able to do these.
  • Enemies using charm skills will temporarily use other skills while an issue with charm is worked out I wonder what issue that is?
  • Keys that allow deeper progress in Wailing Caves will now drop in corpses What IS behind that tapestry?
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