Useless Venting

FreeforAll just left a comment on Circles and Arrows and a Paragraph on the Back of Each One that said:

Great Blog, did You know you can earn Cash with this Blog by Joining Free Today and placing Our Banner on Your Site?

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Link spam deleted by me.

@FreeforAll (who probably isn’t listening). Do you realize how thrilled I was to have a comment on this post, which I spent a considerable amount of time working on? And can you imagine my disappointment and frustration at finding a robot driven link spam comment. That begins with transparent flattery. You haven’t even read it, have you? Well now I’m feeling down. This is not how we high elves do things. And yes, I am an old fart. 3000 years old, in fact. Get off my duff!

Furthermore, the robot message has highly erratic capitalization, though the spelling and grammar is correct. It leaves me with the impression that, were I interested in earning a little cash, your outfit would so very much be one that would not work for me or for my readers, who by and large, can capitalize things correctly. Even the half elves and humans can manage that, though probably not the Ogre. But he isn’t trying to advertise on my blog.

You don’t need to have fabulous red hair to advertise on my blog, but you do need to capitalize things correctly on a message that is going to be repeated millions of times across the internet. That’s about standards.

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