Where Were You When…?

I see that Wilhelm2451 was online for the Vox kill I was totallly jealous of. (So jealous I just dangled a preposition. Sorry about that, Mr. Eames.)

This is what I was doing.

Exercise for the reader: What zone is this, what part of the zone, what level am I, what am I wearing? Some of it will take guesswork, but not much.

3 thoughts on “Where Were You When…?

  1. The Wakening LandJust outside of Kael DrakkelLevel 700A leather vest from your Walker: Texas Ranger wardrobeOh wait, I misread; you said you're NOT Chuck Norris…But you look so much like him with that haircut!

  2. Reading back over your posts about EQ1 and the barbaric incivility thereof, I wonder what life would be like if everyone behaved that way while, say, driving on the freeway.No, wait, we HAVE rush hour…

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