With Friends Like These I’d Rather Be Podkilled

It’s one thing for there to be bad guys who want to blow your stuff up and take your loot. It’s quite another for your allies to be abusive.

I can’t give details. In some way this is a completely normal thing in the culture at large. The logic appears to be that abusing people is “good for them” and will “teach them” and “motivate them”. And the more intense the shaming, the more powerful the lesson, so the thinking goes.

I’ve been a teacher, both in higher education, and in martial arts. I’ve trained people to perform at very high levels.

It is very important to flag mistakes as mistakes. Associating shame with those mistakes has no value whatsoever. In fact, it has negative value. I have very little patience with shaming.

Sigh. My hyperbole-detection wetware has gone off. Intense shaming has some value in prevention. People will avoid doing whatever it is that got them shamed. That’s reliable. But the strategies of avoidance that they use might not be the desired ones. They might just leave the game entirely. And then how do you get your fleet numbers?

I should add that I have absolutely no issues with anyone in my corp. What little issues there are (nobody’s perfect), I can handle. it’s the flyby “You’re an idiot” and “Everyone in California is a faggot” that gets irritating. What’s worse is that I can’t challenge it, because that would create difficulties for the corp. Most of whom I like and don’t pull this crap. There’s a lot of teasing, but it doesn’t seem abusive. Did I mention I like them a lot?

On the plus side, the sort of crap I don’t like seems like it’s on a downward trend, which is good.

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