WoW Recruit-a-Friend

I got this email from Blizzard today:

Our new Recruit-A-Friend ( program has added features that reward you even more for bringing your friends into Azeroth. Recruit-A-Friend and earn:

- An exclusive ZHEVRA in-game mount* when your friend pays for 60 days of subscription time.

- 30 Days of FREE** WoW gametime when your friend pays for 30 days of subscription time.

Also, from the moment your friend creates a character and starts adventuring with you (including the trial period), both of you will receive these additional in-game benefits:

- You and your friend will earn triple the experience when grouped together.

- For every two levels of experience your friend earns, they can grant one level of experience to any one of your characters of lower level.

- You and your friend will have the ability to summon each other from any point in the world.

For more details on the new Recruit-A-Friend program please click here (

To recruit your friends now click here (


Wow, that’s a great deal, with abilities I’ve never seen offered by an MMO before. Bestowing levels on someone, worldwide summon, and triple experience when grouped. Not to mention the mount. I guess they aren’t too worried about jealousy, everyone has a mount by now.

On the other hand, it kind of makes them look desperate to me.

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